Pandemic Spring Proclamations

Shackled tints

Petalled hints

Of past hopeful springs, alas

Memories of picnic blanket on verdant plush green grass; bright sunshine skin rush

Now muted, faded in a bulbous thundercloud

Four walls creeping into a pandemic scaredy-shroud

Blankets smothering

Numb-ed action

Let Divine Light illuminate deepest crooked doubt

Burn gasping fog

Unmask this tyranny of trajectories

Exposing a blissful breath; sun wrapped lung

As Hope permeates ice-hut diligence

Families reunite

Old friends sing the joys of old; playing by the chapel of faith whisperers

Children chattering cheerful meetings in the yard; virtual worlds shattering

Peace erupts through the masked hearts

And the virus is stilled, like a tiny bug squashed under the Herculean call of togetherness

And I are you and you are I – all is one and one is All

Trembling past crumbling to brave future

Light burst blood arteries

Ushers in new forecasts of faith; proclamations of the moment

Picnicking again by the hints and hues of Spring 2020 flowers, live, wild in the parks with our neighbours, frisbee filled flings, sharing sun and hugs

Delirious to join in a spring song fantasy.

One Bold Ripple

Warmth and Tickle

of your dark skin

Your breasts pressed


Luminosity of moonlight

caressing your glowing cheek

Squeezed between your legs

I pluck your strings

You hum like the universe

Content and buzzing

An animal locomotive

Bluebird song

Surges of rippling energy

Coursing through us

Rainbow joy

Frees the skies of our aura

Your humming body

Unifies my code of coupling

One Bold Ripple.



A Heart-Prick-Pluck

A heart-prick-pluck divine forgiveness

In a Holy space where light resides

My pricking conscience does confide

Luminous Grace Divine

Oft defines, offers resolution lines

My thoughts and noticed signs

Fall out of Sight

A heart-prick-plight

Plucks who I am


Receiving Grace; forgiveness-Divine



Photo Credit: 好的決定帶來豐盛人生: 我們的良心

In The Rough

00000 WP child beach REAL

Stifled crisp

stilled oyster

drifting in the deep silt

gritty particulate sand

sea-deep darkness

still and cold

rock-stuck, numb-froze

soft tissue oyster warms

light-point shining bleak shadows

silhouettes dance on the inside of shell

chasing a will to move

an intention to feel



ocean current sweeping dense grains

light awakens stiff silence


tip toe merry go

girl in sand

pearl in hand


pink and orange dancing

footprints under dying sun

tingling rays, neck-ticklers

fun chuckle, light sand-sweep

tucked to cosy bed

rising sea stung sandbar

damp, chilled bone

silhouettes gone

deep oyster-shell

still again


memories of being joy-held

wiggle room in shell

flickering recognition

bobby-pin buddy

Poem Credit – Kenne/Ken Adam

Photo Credit – Flickr:


Golden Number Three