Syncopated Sunshine

Morning sunshine, nectar of the dew

A soft, supple girl

Long dark hair matted to cheeks

It is I who does speak

Noticing the liquid walls behind you dissolve

Yielding space of light composed of

Syncopated sunshine

Your rhythmic breath illuminates

Dim skin

In a holy rapture

Your skin, my touch, our love

A holy embrace into our shrine

And your pulsation emits glory

Morning glory

Into the dull, dark, pavement morning

Sunlit rooftops

Aching eyelids

Open to the pink, morning sunrise


Above is freedom

Below is the girl whispering to her lover

Morning dew to country stream

“I am yours now”

And the sunshine radiates, filling the globe of morning in mobile pink, filaments of tendril clouds scorched rose,

Her eager heart races in the arms of her lover.


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