In The Rough

00000 WP child beach REAL

Stifled crisp

stilled oyster

drifting in the deep silt

gritty particulate sand

sea-deep darkness

still and cold

rock-stuck, numb-froze

soft tissue oyster warms

light-point shining bleak shadows

silhouettes dance on the inside of shell

chasing a will to move

an intention to feel



ocean current sweeping dense grains

light awakens stiff silence


tip toe merry go

girl in sand

pearl in hand


pink and orange dancing

footprints under dying sun

tingling rays, neck-ticklers

fun chuckle, light sand-sweep

tucked to cosy bed

rising sea stung sandbar

damp, chilled bone

silhouettes gone

deep oyster-shell

still again


memories of being joy-held

wiggle room in shell

flickering recognition

bobby-pin buddy

Poem Credit – Kenne/Ken Adam

Photo Credit – Flickr:


Golden Number Three


If You Were The Sun


If I was a tree and you were a nearby stream

I would stretch my roots farther

If you were the sky

I would become a falcon and reach you before dawn

If you were the moon

I would shine a star right beside you

If you were the sun, you are

I will bask in your shining

I will share in your joy

I will never run from your beauty

As a deer runs into the woods

I won’t shy from your smile

Like a bear from a child