Mystic Space of Unknowing


In a mystic space

of unknowing

unlearning all old habits

wisdom of spirit bear

courage and strength

in a place of unravelling

threads of the past

hitched thoughts to cast

out, leaving only present space

for bubbling brook currents of wakened awareness

to calm all ripples of past connection


Summer Flower Scorching

I loved her like a summer flower,

Delicate petals caressed; sweet scent scintillating

Earthy roots creeping into my soul, etching meaning

In the summer sun, her colours enriched my plain palette

We were One Soul

Then she crept away with her youthful grin

And left my heart, crisped vines in the sun

Solstice Story

Solstice Story

Light into darkness, darkness into light
Stretched suspension presence, valiantly dims the night

Time compressed into fresh tips of Spring grass
Mother Earth fructified in verdant seed

Elastic time clangs bright star-tips
Clarion calls, to the warm soil

Trumpets of river races, rising with bosom joy
Deltas engorged with quenching droplets

Deer, wet toes stopping by water’s edge,

Yellow Wildflowers in Dappled Light

Yellow Wildflowers in Dappled Light

Out of dappled shadows nigh
Yellow wildflowers bright knee-high

In a splash of summer colour delight
Doth the yellow friends ignite a smile on meandering child’s face, dappled in light

During lingering June days, night beaten back to a forgotten haze
Song birds court the feast of the approaching Solstice in melodic ambrosia

Petal Ballet

Petal Ballet

In the breezes of Spring’s growing light
rises Petal Ballet
A bobbing and rising of floral bouquet

Fragrant and light are the stem-steps stretching
Ever-growing and closer to sunlight etching
Petal memoires

In a clear blue sky
Don’t ask – I don’t know why?
Grey clouds still cling at Spring’s door nigh